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Use a restore disk when a virus destroys your computer

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The worst thing in the world to happen to some people is to find out that their computer has been ravaged by some virus from the internet. Sure, it is not as bad as a relative dying but it can be a disaster for some people. They may have all of their personal mementos on the hard drive. Or they may have all of their work information on the computer. No matter what is on the system, losing all of their data can be rough to a person that relies on their computer a lot. This is why you must be prepared just in case something like this happens. You must be ready for all of the problems that might come across on your system. One of the ways that you can be prepared is by using a restore disk. This way, just in case something happens, you will be able to use our computer again. In this article we will show you what a restore disk is and explain to you how a mixture of that and backing up your data can save you from disaster.

What is a restore disk?

Before we go any further, for the people who are not quite as technical in the audience, we will let you know what a restore disk is. It is a disk that will allow you to reset your computer to the state it was in before it became messed up by the virus. This is a little bit different than an installation disk because a restore disk will give you other options besides just reinstalling the operating system. It will allow you to do a memory check and other types of diagnostic checks on the system.

Another good option when it comes to the restore disk is that it will allow you to reinstall the operating system on your computer without losing the data that is already on it. If you have a lot of files that you worked on over the years, you would hope that you would be able to save them and not have to destroy them because of a reinstall. With the restore disk you are able to do this. But even though you have the ability to do this, it might not be the best option for you to choose. If you keep the data that is already on the disk, you might also keep the infection that is on there as well. Sometimes it is necessary to get rid of the data as well so that you can start fresh. But there is a solution that will help with that as well.

Back up your data

Not only should you use a restore disk but every month or so, you should back up your data as well. This means that you will be able to format your data on a restore and you will still be able to have your data. That way, you can get rid of the infection as well as keep your data. You can store the data by using a second hard drive or by using an online backup service.

Using a restore disk is a great way to bring your computer back to life when a virus tries to kill it.

In case a bad virus hits your Windows 7 system, make sure that you have system restore turned on

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There are certain threats that will take out your computer. Your computer may be able to turn on and do some of the things that it was able to do before the threat hit but for the most part it is dead. You are not able to hit certain buttons, pops ups are flying everywhere, you cannot log onto the internet, and basically everything that can go wrong is going wrong. If this ever happens to you, you need to make sure that you have a way to fix it right away. There are a couple of things that you can do. You can keep a back up of the computer so that you can reinstall it to a point where everything was working fine. Or you can do that with something less than a back up. There is a feature in all Windows computers that is called System Restore. We will take the time later on in the article to explain what System Restore is and how you can use it to come back from a serious computer problem.

What is System Restore?

System Restore is sort of like the back up that we talked about earlier in the article but instead of it being on a new device like an external hard drive, it is a snap shot stored in the computer. It mainly saves the settings of how everything was at a previous date on the computer. A pure back up would save all of the data and the settings of the system from that time. With a system restore point, saving the settings is more than enough. With any luck you will be able to go back to a time before everything turned crazy.

Even though you have a system restore point ready to be used, it is still a good idea to try to get out the infection before you try a system restore. The infection that is in the system will not be erased by just you having a system restore point active. As we said before, it changes the setting of the system and not the data. All that will happen is that the malware will infect the machine again. That is not always the case and sometimes a system restore point is all you need. But in the case of a bad piece of malware you will need to do more to make sure you do not have to deal with the same infection again.

When malware attacks you system, you need a good way to be able to fight it. The tools that you have such as antivirus software and antispyware software will be able to help but sometimes you need to do a little more. Sometimes the infection gets so deep that you have very few options. In cases like this you need to set up the system restore on your computer and go back to the past when the system was still working.

Create a security package that will keep your computer protected

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When you are looking to make sure that your computer is protected from the bad guys, you must make sure that you have the right software installed on it. If not then you will find that the bad guys may be more than you can handle. There are several components to having the right security software on your computer. Some people will think that all that it takes is having a simple antivirus installed on the system but that is not the case. You must be ready for all of the threats that are out there. That is what we plan to do with this article. Make sure that you are ready for all the threats that are out there. So let’s take a look at what you will need to have a secure operating system.

Of course we need an antivirus software package

Without antivirus being installed on the system, you are going to be dead in the water before you even begin. So you need to make sure that you have a handle on that before we move on. Antivirus software can be tricky since there are so many different offerings out on the market. Will you get a free version or will you get a premium version? Do you need one with a heavy feature set or do you just need the basics handled. How everyone uses their computer is quite different so you need to make a checklist on how you use the computer and pick the right version of the software for your needs. Once you have done that and have it installed on your system, now it is time to move on to the next step.
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Which type of anti spyware software will you need on the system?

So now that you have the right software to keep off the viruses, Trojans, and other malware of that nature, now it is time to attack the software that is keeping track of you. Some spyware type of software is legal while others are clearly not. There is a fine line and it gets crossed all of the time. So why take the chance. You need to pick up an anti spyware software that will cut off the ability to track you and your internet activities. It is nobody’s business where you go after you leave their web site so make sure that you do not forget to do a scan every now and then to make sure that all of the spyware is off of your system.
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And now time for the firewall

Now that we have software that will take care of the malware and the spyware, it is time to keep remote intruders off of your system. The bad guys will sometimes try to attack you directly by getting into your system through open ports. Stop that from happening by installing a firewall on your system. Or you can use the firewall that comes with Windows 7 directly. No matter which method you take, be sure that the software comes highly rated.

It takes time to create the right security system for your computer. You need to make sure that you review the software that you install on the system. Once you do you will find that you are protected from most threats out on the internet.

Your Windows 7 system is not secure with these pieces of software on it

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If you take a look at Windows 7 and play around with some of the settings then you will probably notice that Microsoft has spent a lot of time making sure that the different parts are secure. They want to help you make sure that your firewall is up, the antivirus is installed and everything else that you need to be secure is ready to go. They have even improved their browser. Internet Explorer is now on its eight version and people agree that it is the safest browser that Microsoft has ever put out. But there is also some software that is not so secure on Windows. Some of the software is provided by Microsoft and others are third party software that people like to install. So let’s take a look at some of the software that can do damage to your system even though it is supposed to be OK to use.

Instant Messaging software

Microsoft provides built in IM service but a lot of people download it from a third parties as well. Instant messenger software can introduce big holes into your system especially if you have someone using the computer that is not considered computer savvy. Hackers will target the software because they can easily send a person links through it. These links will lead to all kind of things. From phising attacks to sites with exploits ready to jump on your computer. This is why you need to stress to people who use your computer that if they are going to use IM then they should not click on links. If they do, they can find themselves and your computer having a nasty surprise.

PDf’s from unknown people

Another piece of software that is known to introduce bugs into the system is called PDf. This is software from Adobe that comes with your computer. The purpose of the software is to imitate on a computer what a magazine of that same file would look like. The web is supposed to look like one thing and a magazine is supposed to look like another. PDF’s are supposed to bridge the gap. But it is not just for magazines, any kind of document can be enhanced by using a PDF file. But the PDF software has many bugs that are out there that people use to exploit systems the software is installed on. If you are not careful then it could be your computer that is getting exploited. Even though you are used to scanning .exe files you might not scan PDF files. You should start to do that now.

There is plenty of software out there that can be used for evil purposes. Most of the software out there is written with millions of lines of code and sometimes in those lines of code, mistakes are made. And when those mistakes are made, hackers take advantage. Make sure that they do not get you by scanning all your files with antivirus.

Can the streaming media server in Windows 7 deliver malware?

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The one great thing about the Windows 7 operating system that you do not hear about often is how it handles your media files. Sure there are a lot of great things that have been added to Windows 7 such as extra security features and a better UI but media handling has been one of the biggest improvements to the system. Some of these features include the ability to stream media to all points of your house and even the ability to stream to remote places. The one sad thing about these features is that a lot of people do not know about all of them. There are a lot of great things that you can do with some of the new media features that are available. As good as these new features are, you have to ask yourself a question, do they leave your computer vulnerable to attack? In this article we will take a look at this question and see whether it is true or not. But before we do that, let’s take some time and describe to you in detail some of the new media features that are available to you.

How do these new features work?

There are many media features that we can talk about in the Windows 7 operating system. First of all, you now have the ability to stream your music to another computer, no matter where it is at. Microsoft has set up a feature that will allow you to do this easily with the click of a few buttons. Also you now have the power of the full Windows media server at your finger tip. In the past if you wanted this power, you had to buy the Windows Media Server based computer. Now it comes with the operating system. It allows you to record and manipulate TV shows just like you would with the TiVo. But instead of having to pay for an outside service, it is connected directly to your computer. All you have to do is to set up a few wires and you are ready to go. These are a few of the several media tools that people have found useful in the new Windows 7 operating system. Let’s now talk about how it can affect your safety as far as the computer goes. The fact that it opens up a server on your computer can be a concerned at anytime.

Is your security affected?

For the most part, your security will be fine with services such as these on your Windows 7 computer. Microsoft has put in a level of security in the services so you do not leave yourself completely open. But you do have to worry about what files you click on when using the media features. People get media from all different types of sources, some of it illegal and some of it legal. If you are running these services on your computer and you click on the wrong file then you can find yourself in real trouble. When you use these programs, make sure that you follow the same protocols that you would when using other programs on the computer. Make sure that you scan all files.

Just because you are playing a media file does not mean it is automatically safe. Check the file and you should be fine.

Do Windows computers still have a problem when it comes to security?

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For years, the first thing that you thought about when it came to Microsoft computers is how unsafe they were. The more Windows computers became popular, the more they seemed to be attacked when the users surf the internet. People who sold and used other operating systems would try to get their friends and customers to switch over by telling them how unsafe a Windows computer was compared to the one that they were using. And they were not lying. They had the numbers to back them up. So for years, even though Microsoft got better and better when it came to the security of their operating system, they still had the old wounds against them. People still looked at the operating system as if it was unsafe. So we are here to answer that question right now. Do Windows computers still have a problem when it comes to the security of the operating system?

How much safer is Windows?

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft took a turn in their strategy when it came to the safety of their operating system. They figured out that the internet was not going away and that people wanted to be secure when they used it. The strategy became even more solidified when Window 7 was released to the world. For the first time in a long time, most security professionals said that the Windows 7 operating system was just as secure as the Mac OS X and just a little less secure than the Linux operating system. This was definitely a victory in Microsoft’s book because the security community is not a bunch of people who are considered to be Microsoft fans. But they had to be honest; the computers were a lot safer than they were before.

Why are Windows computers safer?

There are several reasons why Windows 7 is considered a safer operating system these days. The first reason why it is safer is because they have closed a lot of security holes in it that had been there for years. These security holes were known points of attacks by hackers but for the sake of backwards compatibility they left them open. Also some of the software that Microsoft makes that comes free for Windows 7 are high powered security products. From their Windows essential to the new and improved Firewall, these are software that will definitely help keep your computer safe. They either come on the operating system when you install it or they are available from the Microsoft web site.

When you use a Windows based computer these days, you do not have to worry about the security vulnerabilities that you once did. It is true that the system is not one hundred percent safe and you will still have to install software to help protect it but it is just as good as all of the other operating systems out there. It has been proven that security by obscurity did exist and all of the other operating systems are being attacked now as the more popular they become.