A Trojan Horse Virus, popularly known as a Trojan, is a computer viral infection that is relatively difficult to eliminate and even harder to detect. This type of a virus makes the user feel that it is a beneficial application for the system to stay up to date on process issues. A Trojan Horse Virus works on the principle of hiding behind an operating software process, which once executed will begin to infect all the files on the computer.

Trojan do what?

With addition of being capable of destroying and erasing the user’s data, Trojan can lead to other overwhelming issues that may comprise of identity theft and disregarding privacy. It is also capable of disabling the installed security system and leaves the gateway open for more infections to attack the user’s files. Few Trojans are able to manipulate a computer browser by redirecting the user to web pages and sites that resemble legitimate content to provide other information such as bank details, passwords and so on. The more malignant infections can lead to key stroke logging; a method in which all the users credit card information, passwords and insurance files can be exploited. Other Trojans open backdoor gateways for groups of external threats to retrieve any data that they may require whenever they need it the most.

A Trojan virus is usually capable of damaging and sharing important data from secured files of the computer with other hackers and computer wizards. The information received will then be sent to the internet servers that have been designed by the virus developers. Users can identify that a virus has affected their systems, when the computer interface begins to respond very slowly. Gradually, if care is not taken, it can lead to a system crash which will render the hard drive useless with the permanent loss of all data. To help keep Trojans and other similar viruses stay away, it is highly recommended to install a reputed Anti Spyware Software System to protect one’s files from unauthorized access. A good software program has the benefit of extracting information from its daily updated databases to scan and identify a Trojan. Internet enthusiasts are advised to use such a program as a front line protection system to safely remove any infections and avoid the possibility of an infection occurring. The significance of a secure identity protection system is of an imperative essence in this modern century age of information technology.