A computer cookie is a small piece of information that is sent by a web server to an online browser so as to help the system read back from that same browser when required. This is essential if users wish to have their preferred browser remember specific information about their information.

Frequently, a computer system that is connected to the internet will encounter a cookie acceptance file. This will allow webmasters to know who has visited their site and thereby keep a track of the number of visitors on their portal. Such tracking is a legal clause and does not mean that the webmasters can pin point a specific system. All details on the user’s hard drive are kept away from webmasters. There is no method in which they can view system files. Cookies which have been downloaded, will allow speeding up the logging in and navigational aspects of the domain by retaining certain information that has been previously entered. Few of these informational files include server names and IP addresses. Although it may seem that cookies cannot be accessed by other external threats, it is necessary to install an anti spyware system to be sure of a secure internet connection.

HTTP cookies cannot be used to gather data from an individual’s hard-drive or obtain email addresses and other personal information. Earlier, with JAVA and other scripts, it would be a gamble to have one’s information broadcasted with these cookies. Today there are a host of Anti Spyware programs that have been developed to help users maintain their HTTP Browser Cookies without boasting out their information on the World Wide Web. Individuals can also choose to disable cookie acceptance by tweaking their browser settings. Though this is highly not recommended, it is an option for those who do not have an installed anti spyware removal tool to secure their registry.

Cookies are needed for certain sites to display information accurately as it obtains data from the database; however, inappropriate use of these cookies and the absence of a good spyware detecting tool can render any computer system susceptible to outside threats. It is highly advised to download and install spyware detection and destroying program to enable systems work efficiently.