One of the top Internet security suites that have been accredited by VB 100 Virus and CNET is the ZoneAlarm Internet security system. ZoneAlarm security suite comes bundled with an intense number of features and benefits that are uncomfortable to many other security programs available on the Internet. It enables an essential anti-virus anti-spyware and firewall protection for one’s home or office computer and networking systems. The ZoneAlarm Internet security suites as before of features that will enable its users to work within a safe and secure environment.

Operating System Firewall

Prevention has always been better than cure. Hence it is essential to stop attacks before they even begin. With the OS Firewall, users can now gain constant protection from the most perplexed viruses and spyware that are found on the World Wide Web. The root kit protection will block any outbreaks in gaining access into the system registry. This is carried out before the threat is known to any of the operating programs. Within the firewall the program control tool will restrict processes from working with malicious activities. It will block attacks that bypass any other defences that are defaulted by the system. And ZoneAlarm’s early boot protection feature embedded within the firewall will also protect the operating system during start-up.

ZoneAlarm Internet Security - scan

ZoneAlarm Internet Security - scan

Two Way Firewall

With greatly sophisticated viruses and threats available on the Internet, it is essential to have a two-way monitoring firewall that will proactively defend the system from background processes that may be infected. This will monitor inbound and outbound traffic and make the user invisible to any hackers with its full stealth mode. When ZoneAlarm discovers any malicious activity it instantly kill controls it. This is then subjected to pass an independent leak tests to verify the complete blocking off the activity subjected to quarantine.


Immunising the computer against viruses and Trojans is one of the vital steps to be taken in ensuring a safe and secure environment in the online world. The advanced anti-virus engine of the ZoneAlarm Internet security suite will deliver the highest and deepest protection of hazardous files into the system. The new improvised scan moves will run faster and deeper and more customised option for the user that will prevent systems from slowing down during the scanning process. A faster updating signature list means that it will able to detect and stop even the most recent viruses that other programs may fail to discover.


Personal information and credentials are particularly needed to be stored in secure vault within a computer system. Spyware is able to crack the vaults and render the system incapable of protection. With the ZoneAlarm Internet security suite, users can now gain the best anti-spyware tools that will keep threats and infections away due to its dual engine scanning system. The spy’s site blocking tool will prevent accidental visits to malicious and viable websites.

Total ID Theft Security – ZoneAlarm’s special feature

ZoneAlarm’s unique approach in stopping identity theft is based on an application that combines online technologies with off-line protection services. It utilises a combination of anti-spyware and portal browser security to block and disable any external threats that may pose a risk of stealing the user’s identity.

Zone Alarm Internet Security - you are protected

Zone Alarm Internet Security - you are protected

The ZoneAlarm Internet security suite is a safe, fast and easy system package that guarantees to deliver security in an unmatched an unprecedented manner. For those seeking a secure environment for the work ethics, this security suite is the best option yet.

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