When seeking the need of a reliable and trustworthy Internet security system, users from around the world have sought the name BitDefender. With this noble and innovative system that has been certified and awarded by the ICA laboratories, users can now confidently download, open and share files with friends and family all over the world. The high end features of this security suite will protect system computers against viruses and malware by using the best of the industry’s technology in the field of virus removal tools. The BitDefender is well capable of scanning all e-mails, webpage’s, downloads and programmes that may have the possibility of holding a viral infection. Additionally it would block all spyware programs and hidden threats to allow your computer in working smoothly and efficiently. Users can now guard their files and important documents with the best of high-quality encryption that has been included in the software program. Users can now connect security to any network, either at home or at the office. The dual firewall feature will secure the interconnection in its upload as well as download limits.

BitDefender Internet Security - dashboard

BitDefender Internet Security - dashboard


The innovative antivirus control technology will monitor every programme and process that is installed on your computer. This will allow no malware or adware infections to occur within the system registry. When threat is detected, the antivirus process will bump it into a quarantined or isolated sandbox, where it will not allow the virus to operate.


Webmasters from around the world can have direct access to a computer that has spyware which is included in the system registry. The BitDefender anti-spyware tool with scan, detect and remove any threats that may make the computer susceptible to outside infections.


One of the advanced features of the BitDefender Internet security system is its dual firewall that will enable users to track all upload and download bandwidth and avoid making automatic changes into the system registry. Firewall will keep out all online threats and maintain a secure and efficient system.

Optimised Scanning

The BitDefender Internet security programme runs effectively in the background without affecting any other processes. This will help maintain the computer speed and will allow the user to carry out their tasks hassle free and.

Parental Control

The BitDefender system also boasts of an advanced parental control tool that will allow users to access restricted sites and otherwise could prove harmful in terms of infections and viruses.

BitDefender Internet Security - maintain your PC

BitDefender Internet Security - maintain your PC

Recommended by the top leading information technology companies of the world, BitDefender has gained significant importance in the anti-virus market. It has been developed for Windows operating systems that range from Windows XP to Windows 7. Having minimum system requirements, it makes it an effective tool for safeguarding private files. Whether it is an expert or novice user, BitDefender is an easy-to-use system with a user-friendly interface that helps them manage their PC security effectively. Software requirements include the Yahoo and MSN messenger and few recommended Internet browsers. This revolutionary Internet security system will help keep your connection stabilised and safe without slowing down system performance at the same time.

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