The internet has been part of the mainstream conciseness for over ten years now. And just outside of the mainstream for a little bit longer than that. We have a generation of kids that are in their teens now, that do not even remember a world without the internet. So now that people are more used to it, they are starting to become more savvy in how they can protect themselves while they casually surf the internet. But no matter how savvy the person is, if they do not study computer security, or understand how the underlying layers of computer architecture works, then they will not be able to detect every attack that can come at them. They will not know how to repeal intruders off of their system, if they do not know that they are even on there. In this article, we will list two surefire ways that you can keep intruders off of your system. A determined black hat hacker may be able to get around these types of protections but it would take them a lot of time to do it. And unless you have secrets regarding the pentagon, most likely you would not have to worry about it.

Before we go into what software you will need to repeal intruders from getting into Windows 7, you must be aware of the usual method of attack. There are several ways that a black hat hacker will try to get inside of your computer, but these two ways are the most common. The first way, is that they will try to do a wide search on IP addresses and see which ones have open ports available. Once they find a system that is vulnerable, they will try to penetrate it. The other way that a black hat hacker will try to get inside of your system, is to have you download a piece of corrupted software. Once the software is installed, it will send a signal back to the person who created the malware. While the software is sitting on your computer, it can either send your data back to its home or it can use your computer as part of a bigger attack.

To stop the first type of attack, you will need a piece of software that is called a firewall. This firewall will block all of the ports that allow network traffic to flow through to your computer. If a program is to use one of these ports, you will have to give it explicit permission to do so. This means that if anyone was to scan your IP address, they would not find an open ports to try and penetrate.

To stop the second type of attack, you will have to make sure that you download a highly regarded anti virus solution. This way, if you accidentally download an infected program, you can run a scan on it to determine if it is alright or not. Once the scan is finished, it will tell you if it is safe to open the program. If it is not, it will ask you to give  it permission to discard the program. Make sure that you do so very quickly.

These are the ways that you can make sure that your computer is protected from intruders. Windows 7 is a very secure operating system, with steps like these, you will make it even more secured.