With so many Anti-Spyware programs out there, the consumer has to struggle through a great deal of selection to get the best for his needs. There are certain things to remember regardless of which of these solutions are eventually chosen. Here are some tips to consider when making a choice to ensure you that will be protected from spyware and adware:

Ease of Use and Installation

Is the program easy to use and configure? Is the program user-friendly to navigate through? Does it come with an online reference manual you can download, often in PDF format? How fast can it do the scanning and is the result easily understandable? Is it easy to install without referring to any installation guide?

Feature Set

Some of the questions you need to ask and check with the anti-spyware vendor are: Does the program have tools for PC scanning, spyware detection ad removal, configuration restoration and blocking of future spyware intrusions? Does it have auto-updating features for new threats and auto-scheduling to keep you protected without having to bother with the program every time you go online?

User Friendlines

Does the program detect and describe the spyware detected and its allied application and give you a choice to delete or not? Bear in mind that some legitimate spyware do come bundled with some application that might be rendered useless if the associated spyware is disabled or deleted. And does it have “undo” features just in case the deletion renders a useful application disabled?


Does the program offer real-time blockage of spyware threats while you are online? Does it prevent auto-installation and warns you accordingly? Some Anti-Spyware programs do allow auto installation and just removes it when the scheduled time of scanning occurs. Does the program have online links to regularly update its spyware definitions as part of its product price or with an annual maintenance charge? Most vendors give this service as part of the product price for a period of 1 year or two and then ask for an annual update charge thereafter.


Can the program’s look be customized? Does it allow you to make selections on the drive and memory to scan and protect? Does it allow you to selectively restore various internet settings of different browsers you may be using?

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