One day, you are sitting at home just checking your email and you see that your Aunt Judy has sent you a set of pictures of her vacation to Aruba. Aunt Judy did not tell you she was going on vacation, but that’s not unusual, because you only talk to each other every couple of months. So you click on the pictures and they start to download onto your computer. But the file that download says “to see the pictures, click here”. You start to get suspicious, but the email was from Aunt Judy’s address, so it must be safe. So you decide to click on the file anyway, and nothing happens. You do not see any pictures and the computer is the same as before. You think to yourself, that the file must have messed up and you will wait for Aunt Judy to send another copy. Little do you know, now your email account is sending the same exact message to the rest of your friend list. Your computer has now become infected and you won’t know about it until people start to ask you about your vacation to Aruba.

How can you stop email infection

If you have Windows 7 installed, then you are in luck. Windows 7 is the most secured operating system that Microsoft has released o the public. With all of the extra security available, now you can stop email infection such as this from happening to you. But, the security built into Windows 7 will only take you so far. You will need the help of some third party software providers and a little common sense to make sure that you are secured as much as possible. So let’s go over what software you will need to help you from becoming infected by future email attacks. Also we will go over certain common sense rules that will help you avoid a problem like this in the future.

Software tools to stop email infections

The first thing that you will need is a proper anti virus solution. Whenever you get anything from your email, you have to make sure that you scan it first. No matter if it comes from a friend or relative, make sure you scan it. What we talked about in the first paragraph is a real life attack. There have been many versions of this kind of attack that has hit unsuspecting victims. It will go down your friends list and send them all a package that will infect their computers. The package may contain different items such as code to spy on their computer while they are using it. Or it might turn their computer into part of a botnet. This allows a person to remotely take control of your computer without your permission. They then use it to commit crimes such as a DDOS attack or delivering spam. When you decide which anti virus solution that you want to use, make sure that it has a special set features that will protect your email from attacks such as this.

There is not much to know as far as the common sense methods of keeping your computer installation safe. The one cardinal rule is to scan everything that you download. This includes files from email, or files that you download from a web site. You never know where the attack can come from. So just to be on the safe side, scan everything.

As you see, it does not take much to protect your Windows installation from email infection. You just have to be careful in what you download. Also do not click on every link that you get. If it is not from a trusted person, then just ignore it.