Spyware works without you knowing it. You will just realize that your PC isn’t working as fast as it used to or as familiar as before. It is easy to suspect that something is wrong with the Windows OS or the PC hardware. Many do contact technical support offices not knowing they have spyware degrading their PC performance. When you are online most of the time, expect some spyware to infect your PC. Here are some of the things that you will notice that makes you a little bit sure that you have spyware on your PC.

A new homepage

A spyware program doesn’t work right away. You may have to reboot the PC for an infection to start its job. That happens when you open up your PC and start your web browser. You can find a new homepage that was not there before. It can be annoying especially if it’s a solicitous web site or a pornographic one. The danger presents itself when the kids are using your PC.

Advertising Pop-Outs

Called adware, this class of spyware is basically harmless but certainly annoying. You’d note that you start getting pop-up window displays of advertisements and solicitations every time you visit a new website where before there was none. Sometimes the ads are from the same entity, and some would have different ads each time. You can be sure you have adware in your PC.

A new toolbar

You start your browser and you notice a new toolbar at the top. It’s quite harmless really but it can just clutter up the browser and worst, if it disables the toolbar you are so familiar with or often work with. Now you know you have a spyware residing in your system.

Usual Program fails to Start

You can be sure you have a spyware program infestation when you notice certain tasks can’t be done. Your network access is intermittent or the programs your work with can’t be launched or you PC starts to crash with even the simplest task.

Your PC Slows

Spyware doesn’t really eat that much computer resources. But over time, and especially when you download a lot of stuff from the internet, multiple infections from different spyware modifying your registry, parasitically consuming CPU cycles, memory and hard disk space can all bring your PC to a painful drag and even hang it. When you start to notice some slowness in you PC for even the simplest tasks, you can be sure you have multiple spyware infections.

And the cure…

Most technical support group will advice either of two things Re-install your Windows OS or install a good anti-spyware program to clean or remove spyware. There are quite a lot of website offering free spyware programs you can download. Be careful though. Not all free anti-spyware programs are what they say they are. Your best bet really is to purchase one…