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Panda Internet Security is a security package that lets user’s browse the World Wide Web with absolute composure and equanimity. It protects the computer system from viruses, adware, spyware, rootkits, online fraudsters, identity theft and all other external threats. The anti-spam technology will maintain mail inboxes free from spam mail while the Parental Control feature will ensure that children utilize the internet safely. Additionally, thanks to the new Collective Intelligence expertise, Panda Internet Security package is now comparatively quicker than preceding adaptations.

Since the past 20 years Panda has been contributing its intelligence to users in the field of online security. With time they have devised the best of online security measures to help individuals safeguard their confidential information.

Anti Malware Engine

Panda Internet Security automatically detects and eliminates spyware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits and other external threats that can potentially damage the computer system or networking device.

Advanced Proactive Protection

With its new and ingenious generic signature system for scanning and quarantining malicious scripts, the package will develop advanced proactive listings of databases that contain an up to date information file on the latest threats that can immunize a system.

Personal Firewall

The personal firewall is an effective application that adds a higher level of security in helping to combat worms and hacker attacks. The smart auto configuration will allow certified programs and processes to run in the background while terminating malicious ones.

Anti RootKit

The improved anti rootkit technology will remove silently installed rootkits that act as malware as a means for hackers to evade themselves from traditional antivirus products. With its fantastic identity theft protection applications, users can now surf the internet hassle free and at complete ease.

Parental Control

This handy feature will allow parents to monitor their children’s activities over the internet and block their access to violent, adult and racist content. All inappropriate content in the form of websites and portals is scanned by the resident scanner and will keep away unwanted material for the likes of other users.

New Panda Internet Security Module

Panda Internet Security features a new security module that is designed to offer a vigorous elucidation to the up to the minute cyber-crime methods. This will enable the user to keep their vital information and personal assets secure from security coercion. This is carried out while supplying the system with the most reliable protection with minimal resource consumption.

Panda Internet Security

Panda Internet Security

At Panda Security the engineers are always one step aheadĀ in detecting threats due to their dedication to technological modernization. This is noticeable in their award winning TruPrevent technology and their focus on “collective intelligence”. Since Panda Internet Security offers integrated solutions, they have an exhaustive product range to keep users free from external threats both at home and at the office place.

Being managed 24×7, users can now access aid wherever they are, to protect their systems that involve means of true peace of mind. Being a leader in growth the suite has been specialized in advance security features practically since the day the company was founded.

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