Within the past few years, online threats and viruses have grown significantly thereby rendering users in a state of trance and disgust. Browsing the Internet is in no way a safe and secure environment anymore. To safeguard your credentials and information, it is vital that your system is up-to-date with an Internet security package that delivers great performance and effective protection. One of the frontrunners in the field of online protection that has gained tremendous impetus all over the world, is the CA Internet security suite plus. The CA Internet security suite provides a comprehensive database protection against all Internet threats that may harm your system and networking equipment. It helps keep your important files, music, photograph and registry settings in a secure and safe environment. With this revolutionary product you can now restore files and transfer them to new systems within one easy step.


A comprehensive database of all trojans, viruses and other physical threats will help the system survive the most dangerous attacks.

Anti spyware

Keeping your information intact and secure is now a simple procedure where the CA Internet security system will trace and detect any spyware and adware that may prove to be harmful to your system.

Personal firewall

Keeping all external threats and viral infections away is now an easy step by installing the personal firewall. Users can tweak these firewall settings and program it as per their specifications.

Parental controls

Maintaining an inventory of the web portals and sites serve on the Internet, the CA Internet security system will guide users in making legitimate decisions rather than opening up unwanted websites on their browsers.

Back up

Saving all your files and necessary documentation can now be done with the CA backup application. This will help you maintain a thorough record of all your information without it being susceptible to external threats.


With up to 5 licences distributed with every package, users can protect their computers at their homes or even at the office place. Another added enhancement includes the Wi-Fi hotspot detection; where the software will alert the user as soon as it is established within a wireless network. One more added advantage includes the continuous and consistent updates that are available automatically to keep the user’s computer and networking system up to date and trouble-free.

CA Internet Security Suite Plus

CA Internet Security Suite Plus

With an intuitive helpdesk that supports a 24×7 customer service privilege, users can now gain the need of assistance whenever they require. The entire program offers simplicity with its easy-to-use interface and installation. Maintenance is simple and requires no attention to detail. Online threat reports generated by the CA Internet security suite will provide up-to-the-minute information on all the latest threats, viruses and infections that are discovered by the CA global security advisers. With a low system overhead, which includes an installation package of only 169 MB, it facilitates low system processes that will not affect any other programme running on the computer system. The CA Internet security suite plus is the perfect option for those to seek a convenient and reliable security system for their home and office computers.

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